Streamline how you communicate your impact

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Mission:Clarity is practical brand strategy just for nonprofits, built to help streamline how you communicate your impact and purpose. 

You focus on your mission.

We’ll help you communicate it. 


Your organization works hard every day to make positive change for our community. How do you ensure that you’re connecting to the right supporters to sustain and scale the impact of your vital work?

How do you… 
  • Reach more donors?
  • Explain the complex/varied work you do?
  • Engage your board so they are all saying the same thing about you?
  • Update your communications to reflect an evolving mission?

The answers are found in strong branding and communication.

Together, we'll build branded communication that works. Here's how:


Discovery Session and Brand Foundation Workshop

Half-day workshop with exercises for digging into your “why” and core concepts.

We’ll meet with your core leadership team to talk through your mission, vision, challenges, and goals. Expect a roll-up-your-sleeves session that can uncover a lot about your messaging, your mission, and where the two may or may not match up.

At the end of the session, we’ll have the building blocks needed to create your brand foundation. Together, we will: 

  • Identify your organization’s driving force (your “why”)
  • Create audience profiles
  • Define brand personality along with voice, values and tone
  • Define how you overlap with, and differ from, like-minded organizations.

Brand Messaging Development

Back to the studio to tidy-up the results from the workshop. 

We’ll refine the concepts from the workshop into a brand foundation and messaging that is clear, authentic and mission-aligned. We’ll incorporate additional inquiry and research about your organization and your service area to identify: 

  • Key concepts and phrases
  • Overview and positioning statements
  • Audience-specific messaging

Present Brand Map + Messaging Toolkit

Deliver brand map and messaging tools. 

Together, we’ll walk through your Brand Map—a simple, easy-to-share guide to your brand—and messaging tools to ensure you have everything you need to easily communicate your mission. At the end of this engagement, you will have a brand communication toolbox that includes: 

  • Solid brand personality from which to build future communications
  • Voice & tone guardrails
  • Refreshed mission/vision statements (if applicable)
  • Key words and phrases guide
  • Top messages by audience
  • Elevator pitch
  • Designed and written one-page overview PDF that you can start using right away.

Mission:Clarity helps nonprofits anchor and refine brand messaging in periods of growth, transition, or as part of strategic planning. Sound like you?

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