Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities

Creating lasting, positive change in the disabilities services system

Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities works to improve disability policies and practices, educate policymakers and the public, and facilitate collaboration across organizations.

Mission:Clarity in a Complex Field.
The Council represents a unique government-public-private partnership that can be difficult to explain, even to other agencies within the disability services field. With many organizations working under the same vision, the Council needed to better express what makes them valuable and different in order to garner both community and policymaker support.

Brand Map Insights
The Mission:Clarity brand map helped define the Council’s guiding principles, brand personality, archetype, and voice. Most significantly, the process helped the Council shift their messaging from ‘what we do’ to “why we do it’ to make their messaging clearer and more impactful to each of its (very) distinctive audiences.

Creating your own lane (and owning it).
Through Mission:Clarity, the Council discovered how identifying what services they don’t provide is just as important as promoting the support they do offer. The organization discovered how an intentional shift in messaging could not only eliminate confusion, but help them make better use of existing resources and shape initiatives and programs going forward.

Creative Expression
Using the Brand Map, we created a 16-page overview booklet to help the Council introduce a more simplified, clearer explanation of their role in the disability services landscape of Tennessee.

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