Tennessee Craft

Creating opportunities for craft artists to thrive

Tennessee Craft is the premiere statewide resource for artists, businesses and the public to connect.

Mission:Clarity for a big-picture message.
Tennessee Craft has been a driving force in the arts sector for more than 50 years, best known for large-scale exhibition events that have become beloved traditions in the Nashville arts community. The organization needed clear, concise messaging to untangle its primary mission from its signature events in order to support members, serve its statewide community and continue to raise funds and support.

Brand Map Insights
The Mission:Clarity process uncovered key areas where Tennessee Craft could strengthen and sharpen its messaging, leveraging its members and board as the bearers of a newly unified message. Creating a clear hierarchy of brand-level and event-level messaging helped to tailor outreach by audience, ensuring that the events were not only celebrated, but used as opportunities to communicate and promote the organization’s important work across Tennessee.

Say it with pictures
We created a simple, use-anywhere infographic to help the organization quickly explain its reach and mission, and illustrate how the highly visible craft fairs fit into the larger vision.

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