Stone + Steel Creative is a brand strategy and graphic design agency serving nonprofit organizations and passion-driven businesses. We specialize in building and refining brands to align mission and spirit with strategy and growth.

We serve as an out-of-house, full-service creative agency dedicated to helping organizations, business and fundraising events improve awareness, garner support and strengthen community presence through thoughtful visual identity and strategic messaging.

We start by understanding your mission and purpose, then we develop a strong central core message. From there, we build a visual system that expresses that message. Marketing efforts are then linked to that strong foundation — the stone and steel.


  • Brand strategy, identity design, logo design and brand standards systems;
  • Print design including: annual reports, brochures, corporate communications, newsletters;
  • Event materials design.

StephanieSimkinHeadshotStone + Steel Creative was founded by Stephanie Simkin in 2010. For all SSC projects, Stephanie provides creative leadership and art direction, project management, as well as design and brand development.

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