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Nashville State Community College Foundation

Branding and Message Development

  • Positioning & Core Message
  • Case for support content and design
  • Infographic Design

Getting to college is not the same as getting through college.

With the introduction of Tennessee Promise, the state’s free-college program that offers two years of tuition-free community college, the Nashville State Community College Foundation’s (NSCCF) primary mission shifted from assisting students with access college to removing financial barriers once enrolled. The Foundation works to ensure that all students have the resources they need to succeed and graduation – transportation to classes, housing, funds to purchase classroom materials, etc.

The Foundation needed to update its messaging so that the reasons for support are clear and consistently stated, allowing the Foundation to remain relevant, establish stronger connections and raise funds and support.

To increase donor awareness and make this message clear to potential supporters, we worked with NSCCF to create a strong core message and a simplified explanation of its services. The case for support was presented in a short, 8-page overview booklet. This evergreen content has been used for email marketing, website copy and other ongoing development efforts since its creation.


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