Nashville State Community College Foundation

Getting to college is not the same as getting through college.

Nashville State Community College is a public community college serving adult learners on multiple campuses across Middle Tennessee.

Mission:Clarity for an evolving direction
The Nashville State Community College Foundation (NSCCF) plays an instrumental role in the lives of adult learners. Now that the state’s Tennessee Promise program offers two years of tuition-free community college, the foundation has shifted its mission from improving access to college to removing financial barriers once enrolled.

Brand Map Insights
Through Mission:Clarity, NSCCF sharpened and updated its core messaging to not only reflect its mission shift, but also to highlight the big-picture impact of its work on Nashville’s economy in order to appeal to corporate and community partners. Arming board members, staff, and advocates with a consistent story ensures that the Foundation remains relevant in a changing market, establishes stronger connections and raises more funds and support.

Shifting the appeal
As a part of the Mission:Clarity engagement, we concepted, wrote, and designed an eight-page overview booklet, available in print and digital formats. Filled with evergreen content and updated brand messaging, the organization uses the piece as a springboard for email marketing, website copy, and ongoing development efforts.

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