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Friends of Radnor Lake

Marketing Collateral Design

  • Year End Appeal Design
  • Calendar Design
  • Newsletter Design
  • Special Event Invitations
  • Park Signage

Friends of Radnor Lake exists to protect, preserve and promote the natural integrity of Radnor Lake State Park through land acquisition, environmental education and park support.

In an ongoing partnership with Friends of Radnor Lake, we design marketing and communication materials, such as newsletters, special event invitations and Welcome Center signage, to accomplish their mission and to keep visitors of the Park educated and engaged.

Before we came on board, no two event invitations or newsletters presented the same message – visually or verbally. We worked with FORL to simplify messaging and build a visual identity. We established a visual system in which professional photography of the lake and wildlife is the foundation for the design, highlighting the gorgeous natural area that FORL works so passionately to protect.

Now, with a well-rounded visual identity, Friends of Radnor Lake offers a consistent, memorable experience from web to print, from signage to invitations and from the first hike to the last sunset.




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