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Faith Family Medical Center’s mission is to serve the health care needs of Middle Tennessee’s working uninsured community. Faith Family launched a new program, “Journey to Health,” to motivate its clients to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Participants receive a one-on-one assessment to discuss expectations and set goals. They take classes on nutrition, stress management, diabetes and at-home exercises. They even participate in walking groups and take a grocery store tour. Throughout these activities, the focus is on making realistic changes.

We worked with the Journey to Health director to establish a brand and logo to represent this initiative. The first appearance of the logo was an invitation to the kick-off event: a suitcase-shaped invitation that invited participants to start the journey.

To encourage exercise, participants have the opportunity to train for their first 5K. Participants are given water bottles, T-shirts, a pedometer to encourage exercise – all branded with the Journey to Health logo.

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