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Faith Family Medical Center


  • Brand Review
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Print and Electronic Stationery

Faith Family Medical Center, formerly Faith Family Medical Clinic, serves the working uninsured and their families in Middle Tennessee. With an integrated approach to healing — offering services above and beyond regular primary care, such as wellness programs, counseling and affordable specialist care — and the changing landscape of the health care industry, the word “Clinic” no longer accurately defined Faith Family’s services.

This name change provided Faith Family with the opportunity to evaluate its brand and current logo. Through a brand review, we found that while the name was changing, the mission, values and brand attributes of compassion, affordability and respectfulness were accurate.

The logo needed to be restructured to signify the name change and to closely relate to the brand attributes. The brighter, friendlier logo design maintains the recognition of the established symbol and expresses the ideas of “faith” and “family.” We selected a modern font for “Medical Center” to show a forward-looking approach to primary care and paired it with a traditional font for “Faith Family”  that expresses traditional values of service and respect.

We extended the brand throughout supporting collateral and provided Faith Family with a complete set of brand guidelines to continue building their communication and marketing efforts


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